Victory for Berwick Boys Squadron at Group Review

Officers and Cadets of the Berwick Boys Squadron of the Australian Air League excelled at the Australian Air Leagues Victoria Group Review at Ashwood College Oval last weekend.

Despite the competition being very fierce from the other Squadrons within the state, the Berwick Boys came back to Berwick with a record number of the trophies in drill (marching), section drill, flight drill, Flag Drill, and a number of other drill trophies in the final parade competitions on the march; they also won the physical activities trophy, plus many individual trophies for model making in both plastic and balsa.

This was a fantastic effort by the Squadron; this in turn saw them earn the physical activities field points and the grand aggregate over all.

This has come about by a lot of hard work by the Officers and Cadets of the Squadron leading up to the review, with extra practices on weekends to sharpen up their skills.

And for the past three years the Squadron can boast of having a Cadet in the Squadron who has taken out the Australian Air leagues Victoria groups Junior Cadet of the year, this year it was awarded to Leading Cadet Thomas Bladier from Berwick. The 12 year old said that the win has put him closer to his dream of one day of joining the air force and flying an FA18 Fighter.

Regional Officer Russell Owen said he was extremely proud of the Cadets performance during the year and congratulated the Officers and the Cadets on a successful 2008.


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