Donation by Ansett Pilots Association

The former union representing the pilots of Ansett Australia – the Ansett Pilots Association (APA) was finally disbanded in March this year and it was decided that a large proportion of its left over funds should be donated to the Australian Air League to help them continue “training tomorrow’s pilots… today”.

The APA has donated $52500 to the Air League’s Air Activities Centre atCamden Airport to assist with the maintenance of their aircraft andhelp towards the purchase of new aircraft. This money will ensure thatthe student pilots will be able to continue learning to fly with theAustralian Air League at Camden for many years to come. The funds havealready begun to be put to good use with one aircraft currently havingits interior refitted.

Former Ansett Australia pilot and Vice President of the APA, CaptainRob Guerrera, began his flying training at the Camden Air ActivitiesCentre as an Air League cadet back in the 80’s. Captain Guerrera waskeen to give something back to the organisation that helped him starthis dream career in aviation. So when the Ansett Pilots Association waslooking for worthwhile causes to donate their remaining funds to, hedidn’t hesitate to nominate the Australian Air League.

The Association agreed that the Air League was a worthy recipient andCaptain Guerrera made time in his busy schedule, as a Boeing 747 captain for an international airline, to ensure he was on hand to present the final instalment to the NSW Boys’ Group ExecutiveCommissioner Ray Bell OAM at Camden on Sunday 5 April.

After a small presentation ceremony, Captain Guerrera and his familywere treated to an air experience flight over Warragamba Dam with 22 year old volunteer pilot Jeremy Sequeira, who also learnt to fly through the Air League at Camden.


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