Stand Up And Cheer

On Octber 23 this year, it will be 80 years since Australia hit headlines around the world when the small town of Albury won its way into aviation
history by saving the Dutch plane, Uiver, from almost certain disaster. Loretta Re captures the emotion of this dramatic piece of Australia’s history, in her new children’s novel, Stand Up and Cheer.

It’s 1934. The Great Centenary Air Race from London to Melbourne will be the biggest, most exciting race the world has ever seen. When ten-year-old Jack sees a notice about the brand new Australian Air League he eagerly joins its ranks. In the League he learns all about the race and the huge Dutch entrant, a DC2 named the Uiver. Living in Albury miles away from the great event, Jack listens to the radio, thrilled that his dad, the local ABC announcer, is calling the race.

Truly, the story is great. About a young boy in the Air League, a ham radio …and a real message that sometimes you have to break the rules…I think everyone will want to read it. –Dick Smith, adventurer

Then disaster strikes. On the last leg of the route, the Uiver is lost in a wild thunderstorm and flies off-course. To everyone’s horror, the plane’s in dire peril as it circles over Albury, unable to make contact with race officials. Dad must decide if he should break the ABC’s rules and rally the town to rescue the plane. And Jack must leap into action…

In her new children’s novel Stand Up and Cheer Loretta Re brings vividly to life this great true story which won both Albury and Australia a lasting place in aviation history. Whether you’re in the Australian Air League now, or belonged many years ago, whether you’re young or simply young at heart, you won’t want to miss this amazing tale.

The special Albury release and launch of Stand Up and Cheer  will be held at Albury Library Museum 23rd October 2014 from 5:30pm, details can be found here. The official public release of the book will February 2015.


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