Vale Ms Violet Wade

It is with sincere regret that I advise the League of the passing to the ‘Squadron in the Sky’ of 3148A Ms. Violet Wade of the NSW Girls’ Group. Vi, as she was affectionately known, passed away on Saturday 12th December 2015.

Vi joined the League on 2nd February 1947 and was attached to the Leichhardt Company.

Vi was the Group Executive Officer NSW Girl’s Group being appointed in August 1959 and retaining her appointment as GFC. Vi relinquished her appointments within the NSW Girls Group in September 1982 but maintained an interest in the League attending functions including Group and Federal Reviews.

She was was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 1977 and was also made a Life Member of the League in early 1979 and had achieved 68.9 years’ service at the time of her passing.

1979-02-25 - violet wade receives life membership

We are advised that family and friends are warmly invited to a graveside service at Macquarie Park Cemetery, corner Plassey and Delhi Roads, Macquarie Park at 9.45 am this Friday, 18th December 2015


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