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The Australian community has until 30 April to submit ideas for the Royal Australian Air Force centenary in 2021.

Late last year, Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Leo Davies launched the first stage of planning for the centenary – the consultation phase.  

Warrant Officer of the Air Force (WOFF-AF) Rob Swanwick has encouraged serving personnel, veterans, youth organisations and the Australian public to contribute their ideas.  

“This is your chance to shape how we mark the centenary,” WOFF-AF Swanwick said. “As a member of the Air Force 2021 Steering Group, I am keen to see great ideas from across Australia.”

“As we approach the centenary, Air Force is changing rapidly. We must use the 100th as an opportunity to engage the Australian nation, demonstrate the highly capable force we are, and inspire the next generation of Air Force members. I envisage there will be a big focus on engaging and informing youth across the nation.”

“Community engagement will also be an important part of the centenary. It will be an opportunity to further enhance our links with communities around our bases, and reach some places that may not see Air Force very often.”

“This is your chance to shape how we mark the centenary,”

“The centenary will be a time to look back and reflect on the sacrifices of the last 100 years. Since 1921, almost 10,000 Air Force members have lost their lives while serving Australia – 9870 during WWII. We must recognise their legacy of commitment to service and remember that every one of them left behind a family and friends.”

“We will consider submissions against a range of criteria including value for money, safety and the creation of enduring effects. And, of course, everything we do for Air Force 2021 will be balanced with our ongoing operational requirements.”

The consultation period runs until 30 April 2016. Contributions can be made through: www.airforce.gov.au/RAAF2021


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