Volunteer Grants 2015-2016

The Australian Government through the Department of Social Services has finalised the Volunteer Grants 2015 selection process. Almost 130,000 volunteers in around 5,300 organisations throughout Australia will benefit from funding of $20 million under Volunteer Grants 2015.

The funding  supports volunteers in their important work and the grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 each enables organisations to purchase much needed equipment such as computers, or help with training volunteers, fuel costs or undertaking background security checks.

The following Squadrons were successful in their applications


 Squadron Group / Wing  Amount 
NSW Girls Group NSW Girls Group $5000 
Doyalson Girls NSW Girls Group  $2920 
Manly Boys NSW Boys Group  $5000 
Riverwood Boys NSW Boys Group $5000
Ryde Boys NSW Boys Group $5000
Padstow Boys NSW Boys Group $5000
Bundaberg  Queensland $4830
Southport Queensland $4930
Strathpine Queensland $4257
Gold Coast Queensland $2440
Parafield South Australia $3500
Port Adelaide South Australia $3560
Waverley Victoria $3600


Congratulations to all those Squadrons who received grants in this round


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