Pilots – Fly your Gliders!

Members entering the balsa glider contest at the NSW Boys Group Review on 11 September will have an added challenge this year.

30% of the competition judging will be build and finish, and 70% will now be flight ability. Gliders must be wood (Balsa), and may be chuck or catapult launched (a standard catapult will be supplied by the judges for use of every launched glider on the day).

Entrants have 30 minutes to complete flying. This will include 3 judged flights and any practice needed.

Three (3) flights, with times recorded, will be used to create a % for flight ability. When added to the construction percentage it will give the winner and placing’s in each of the categories.

There are 4 categories: 8-11, 12-14, 15-17 and 18+ years.

Parents or Officers not involved in field events on the day are welcome to assist with the flight judging; the ability to use a stop watch is desirable.

BalsaModel Trophy

To recognise the work, and skill, of the winners a special trophy has been created for each category winner so get in there and start building!

Further information can be found in the 2016 Group Review digest.


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