AAL Review – Update

Dear members,

As you may be aware the weather for Ballarat for the next few days could be better. Rain is forecast for today with showers clearing on Saturday. We have been assured that the main ground will be OK as it drains very well. Hopefully the rain on Saturday morning will also clear quickly and not impact too much on the Review. Unless there is heavy rain (at this stage unlikely) the Review is going ahead as planned – we expect to be able to run the full program. Please note that regardless of what happens with the weather the education, modelling and solos competitions will proceed.

Please note also that it is likely to be quite cold with a top of 14c and wind. Cadets and members are advised to stay warm and jackets and jumpers will be permitted outside of competitions.

Lastly, please be advised that Ballarat Council has a ‘no peg’ policy – if any members or squadrons are planning on putting up shade tents or gazebos they will not be allowed to peg them in and will need to use weights if they have them. With wind forecast we will not allow unweighted shades, etc to be erected.

Comr James Dixon
Federal Field Commissioner


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