Air League Living in the Age of Airplanes

In February, IMAX Melbourne gave the cadets of Victoria Group a special invitation to the free preview screening of their latest movie Living in the Age of Airplanes.

In perfect late afternoon weather, nearly 60 cadets and officers from 9 squadrons descended upon the Carlton Gardens in Melbourne.

As the sun slowly set, the members gathered for some promotional photos with some representatives from QANTAS before putting on their own little show – a full parade which was livestreamed through both the IMAX Melbourne and AAL websites.

After rolls were read and names all checked, the members marched into the building, down the escalator and into the cinema itself.  The long line of boys and girls in blue uniforms certainly caught the attention of a number of other invited guests who later enquired about the League and our activities.

On a screen 23 metres high, members were entertained and enlightened about how aviation has changed all of our lives.  Whilst the movie made comparisons between a 19th century king’s treasure and your local shopping centre, I like to remember that our nation’s First Fleet took 252 days to travel from England to our home – today the same trip takes just 1! (though the bit about ‘travelling in cramped quarters’ hasn’t changed much in that time! )

Living in the Age of Planes

And of course the whole experience wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory (and complimentary) choc-top ice cream that was made available to all of our participants!

Following the movie, the evening ended with a handout of movie posters and the grateful thanks from IMAX for attending – and more questions about the AAL from inquisitive movie goers.

The Australian Air League Victoria Group would like the sincerely thank IMAX Melbourne for their gracious invitation, wonderful hosting of this event and efforts in raising the awareness of our amazing organisation.

More photos of the event can be seen online here with thanks from Lisa Frieling of Imax Melbourne.


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