Changes to AAL Manual – Drill

Several amendments relating to drill have been made to the Australian Air League Manual.

Most of these changes are in Section 10, Ceremonial Drill and relate mainly to salutes and anthems. These changes have flow on effects to other areas of the manual, mainly Sections 7 (Rank, Appointment Insignia and Duties of Appointments) 13 (Flag Drill) and 20 (Band Drill). With the amendments to salutes and anthems, the opportunity has been taken to also “tidy up” some aspects of section 10, and to provide some minor corrections in other sections. It should be noted that with the exception of Anthems there is little new material, rather the opportunity to consolidate, correct and clarify information has been taken.

Note that all new and clarified information is based on research into correct Australian protocols.

A brief overview has been written explaining these changes, it can be downloaded here.

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