FOC 04/17 – Access to AGM Notices

Each year, the printing and postage of the AGM notices and msterial to adult members places a significant cost on the League – both in time and money for printing and postage. The Council of the Australian Air League  is determined to lower these costs for the benefit of our members, and to reduce the amount of waste and duplication when members receive multiple printed copies to the one household.

To allow for this, the Council of the Australian Air League Inc has approved the use of electric mail for all future Annual General or Special General Meetings from 2017.

Notices and meeting papers will also be made available, at the same time as they are emailed to members, on the League’s website ( available to members with their established login.

Federal Operations Circular 04/17 – AGM Notices has been released and provides information for League members on how to access AGM notices and minutes online, this circular can be downloaded here.

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