COVID-19 Update 20 April 2020

As you know, the Australian Air League had to suspend face to face activities as of 23 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) situation. Details were advised in Federal Standing Order 02/2020, dated 17 March 2020. In this Standing Order, you were also advised that the suspension would be reviewed on 20 April.

A review has now been undertaken and as Government restrictions have not been eased, the suspension of face to face activities will continue. The situation will be reviewed again on 31 May 2020, unless the situation improves markedly before this date. On undertaking any future review, the Federal staff will take into account that restrictions may be eased differently in individual states.

Units were also advised in Federal Standing Order 02/2020 that they should investigate ways to continue meeting virtually. It is pleasing to see that many squadrons with the support of their Groups have taken up this challenge and are continuing to stay in contact with each by holding virtual squadrons.

All units are encouraged to continue meeting virtually, and to explore ways that their members can stay engaged with the Air League. It is only through continued contact that we as organisation will remain strong and see out this current situation.

James Dixon MSA
Chief Commissioner
20 April 2020


Memorandum – Review of COVID-19 Suspension 20 APR 2020 77.57 KB 99 downloads

Review of Suspension of Face to Face Activities in the Australian Air League …

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