RAAFA Wings Spring Edition

Wings is the magazine of the Air Force Association and it can be accessed on line via the “Wings” link at www.raafapublications.org.au, or directly accessed at https://wings.partica.online/wings/spring-2020-volume-72-no-3/responsive.

The Spring edition has a surveillance theme, with an introduction from Commander SRG, articles on both Poseidon and Wedgetail, Science and Technology articles on earth science surveillance (SEASAT) and future hyperspectral surveillance, and a blast from the past with an article on the SR71 written by former USAF SR71 pilot Russell Szczepanik.

The key historical article concerns the reconnaissance drive by Paul McGinness and Hudson Fysh that led to the birth of Qantas.  The WWII battle for Darwin turns into a dogfight and there is another technology article on electric aircraft research.  This edition is not to be missed.

There is even an article on the Australian Air League!

Wings also has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/WingsMagazineRAAFAPublications.

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