Welcome to the Consultation Hub

There is a lot happening in the Air League these days, but you may not know about many of the initiatives under way. This is the main reason why the Council of the League (COL) has decided to provide this facility. 

The Hub will allow the COL to advise members of initiatives that are being developed, about to be implemented, or even just being thought about. It will not be a substitute for Federal Orders or the various other communications platforms currently in use, but it will act as a less formal means of keeping you “in the loop” and inviting and responding to your questions and feedback.

Whether you are a Warrant Officer, Group Commissioner, Squadron Captain, or Associate Member, you are an adult member so your feedback and questions will be listened to. You are able to provide these by filling out the feedback form. Please ensure that you have placed you name and membership number in the appropriate box before you press the “submit” button.

Fair and thoughtful questions will be published along with a response from the COL. Feedback will be taken on board and, where actioned, the source will be acknowledged.

The aim is to add new content at least weekly, if possible, so please keep checking back to see what’s new.

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