Setting the Record Straight

Some members may be aware of a number of anonymous posts that have been made on social media, which cover a number of topics that affect the Air League, including some as recently as a week ago.

This anonymous poster has made a number of emotive statements and claims in public forums, many of these suggestive of “big conspiracies” and insinuating financial mismanagement with questions like “where is the money really going?”. It is unfortunate and disappointing that a former member who claims to care about the organisation would feel the need to sully the good name of the Air League – especially when answers to many of their questions can be found in our financial statements, annual reports and other communications.

Members of the Council of the League are more than happy to engage in an honest, open forum with any member, however it is difficult to engage with an anonymous poster who hides their identity on social media, and who indeed has blocked members of the Council of the League who are on social media from actually commenting on these posts should they wish to do so.

Due to the sheer volume of claims made by this anonymous poster, we will be addressing the main points in a number of posts here on the Consultation Hub. We would like to remind members that the Consultation Hub was indeed established to provide direct dialog with our members, however to date there has only been one question, on insurance, which we will be addressing shortly.

One point this anonymous poster makes is “Things have changed so much in the world…” and we could not agree more. Change has been continually forced on the League by external factors, and this will continue into the future. We must meet stringent new requirements which occur regularly to charities registered by the ACNC and the Office of Fair Trading (NSW).

For example – right now there are more changes coming in to charitable fundraising laws which the League must comply with and these take considerable volunteer time, however with non-compliance penalties in the tens of thousands of dollars this is important work that must be done and which needs skilled and dedicated staff (more on that later!).

Due to the seriousness of any claims of “financial mismanagement” strongly implied by this anonymous person – we will be addressing this point first in our next post. We also remind our adult members that this Hub was set up to give YOU a chance to ask questions and invite your questions through the feedback form.

Please take up the opportunity.

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