Lilydale Squadron

Lilydale Hobbies NightInstead of taking a break for the Queens Birthday holiday, the Cadets of Lilydale Squadron wanted to have Squadron night. It was decided to have a 'hobbies night'. Apart from first and final parade, normal Air league activities were dispensed with. Playing musical instruments, soccer and basketball games was the programme for the night. The Cadets enjoyed a relaxing fun night.

Starting next term, 12 of the Cadets will begin work on the Compass Award programme.


Lilydale Squadron is based on the outer eastern edge of Melbourne. It has grown in recent times with 3 Officers and 18 Cadets and are always ready to welcome new members. They are fortunate to have the use of a community hall for their meeting nights, it has excellent facilities, giving them plenty of space for Drill, rooms for education and their own storage room where they can store our equipment including 2 flight simulators. 

To learn more, contact the Australian Air League on 1 800 502 175 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Lilydale Hobbies Night Lilydale Hobbies Nightlilydale 2012_june_hobbies_4Lilydale Hobbies NightLilydale Hobbies Night