128px newspaperThe Australian Air League has Squadrons in most states of Australia and is always opening new Squadrons. Here you will find the latest news regarding the Air League as well as news items of interest to our members and guests.

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NSWBG Group Review Education Competition

NSWBG Education Circular No3. 2013 has been issued and contains details of the  Education Display Competition for the 2013 Group Review. It can be found online here.

FAI 76 - Composite Units - AAL Review

FAI 76 has been issued and contains details for addition mixed competition for Combined Groups at the AAL Review. It can be downloaded here

Virtual Flying at Berwick

Berwick Flight Sim NightRecently Berwick Squadron held a Flight Simulator night where the cadets all had a chance to try out three different flight simulator activities running the hall.


In one section we had four computers running Flight Sim X all networked together so every pilot had visibility of all other pilots flying. This allowed them to practice formation flying and to also chase each other, continuously changing their planes to be faster aircraft so they can stay ahead the rest. We had one PC with full Yoke, throttle and pedal controls, two with yoke and throttle controls and one with joy stick control.


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Federal Staff Changes and Vacancies

Currently two major Federal portfolios are vacant and we are seeking Expressions of Interest for the positions of Federal Field Commissioner and Federal Finance Commissioner, as well as Chairman of the Council of the Australian Air League.


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