NSWBG Ceremonial Parade 2018

The Annual NSWBG Ceremonial Parade will be held on the 20th May 2018.

All Squadrons are requested to attend this function.

Due to an unforeseen issues, the parade finishing location has been moved to Pyrmont Bay Park (located next to the Maritime Museum)

As a result the parade route will result in the parade crossing Pyrmont Bridge. Full details are in Group Field Circular No 03/2018 available for download here.

NSWBG Flying Camp January 2018

The Australian Air League NSW Boys Group held it’s annual flying camp in January at Camden Airport, south west of Sydney. Meet some of the cadets who took part in this fantastic event.

Air League Awarded for Reserve Force Day Service

On Monday evening Gp.Comr. Trent Aylward of NSW Boys Group represented the Australian Air League, accepting an award on behalf of NSW Boys Group and NSW Girls cadets and Officers who carried banners and were medallion tray bearers at the 2017 Reserve Force Day Parade in Sydney, NSW.

LTCOL John Moore OAM RFD ED Ret’d
National Executive Officer & NSW Deputy Chairman Reserve Forces Day Council, Gp.Comr. Trent Aylward and MAJ Frank Woodhams OAM Ret’d
President of NSW Scottish Assoc

On the evening it was announced that the 2018 Reserve Forces Day Parade will be the last – the Reserve Force Dat Council believe that after 20 years, with no current Reserve Units taking part and the average age of members marching over 80 that it is time to finish up.

For this reason we would ask that as many members as possible assist in this year’s parade, the attendees will also have the opportunity to have their photos taken on the steps of the Anzac Memorial and these will be archived by the Australian War Memorial for posterity. Details will be made available soon, and members who participate will be recognised toward the Community Awareness Award.

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