Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

What is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award ?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an international self-development program for all young people aged 14 to 25.

The Award is non-competitive and encourages young people to set and achieve personal goals. Self-motivation is fundamental to the Award. There are no set standards to achieve. The criterion for gaining an Award is individual improvement based on each participant’s starting point and potential.

Who runs the Award?

Bronze, Silver and Gold

The Award operates in over 60 countries with His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh as Chairman of the International Trustees who are responsible for custodianships of the Program. The Award is run by operators registered with the Award committee in their state, these operators include schools and youth organisations such as the Australian Air League.

How does it work?

The Award consists of 3 levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level demands a different level of commitment and effort.

There are 4 sections involved in the Award:


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Participants learn practical skills and develop personal interests. Almost any hobby or interest can be undertaken, so long as the skill is non physical.

Physical Recreation

Physical ActivitiesThis section provides opportunities to improve fitness, meet new challenges, increase self-confidence and gain a sense of achievement. Most sports or activities can be used, from Archery to Yoga.

Community Service

Clean Up Australia Day

The aim is to give service to other people and the local community. It gives participants an opportunity to accept responsibility, understand their strengths and appreciate other people. Activities can include caring for the environment, fundraising or Emergency Services.



Here you will plan, prepare and undertake an adventurous journey by foot, cycle, horse, canoe, boat or dinghy in an unfamiliar, remote environment. You become part of a team, working together to overcome real challenges.
In addition, for the Gold Award there is a fifth section – the Residential Project. Participants spend at least 5 days away from home working on a project in an unfamiliar environment with people they do not know. Examples include conservation work, service, activities and personal training. This gives opportunities to work in a team, develop communication skills and have fun!

What does it cost?

To undertake The Duke of Edinburgh Award, participants are required to pay a fee to the State Award Office.

Each State and Territory have a different fee for Participants who are new to The Duke of Ed and for those who are continuing on to their next Award level. Contact your state office to learn more.

Why do it?

  • Its a challenge
  • You learn new skills and interests
  • To make new friends
  • Increase you self-confidence
  • Gain an Award highly regarded by many employers
  • Most of all, have FUN!

How do I start?

Join a registered operator such as the Australian Air League. If you are already a member of the Air League, your Officer Commanding can tell you more, and put you in touch with an Air League coordinator.

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