Physical Activities

Cadets take part in team competitions

The Australian Air League believes that the physical well-being of its members is just as important as academic and leadership training, and to that end Cadets are encouraged to take parts in a number of sporting activities such as athletics, swimming and so on. To encourage participation, Sports Carnivals and Swimming Carnivals are held in each Group, which are fun, friendly events where participation and joining in are just as important as winning.

Even the Officers and parents get involved, with competitions at the Athletics Carnivals for the slightly older members too!


Squadrons and Wings also hold regular outings and competitions such as bowling days, table tennis, billy cart races and the like. As with other activities in the Air League, badges are awarded to Cadets for ability to encourage them to strive to do better.

Community Service

Cadets participate in community service eventsOne of the League’s Aims is to promote good citizenship amongst young Australians, so Air League cadets are also involved in their community and perform valuable service there. Cadets take part in a number of activities that include supporting returned servicemen on ANZAC Day carrying banners, Clean Up Australia, Red Shield Appeal and so on.




FieldcraftCadets also get the the chance to go camping, sleeping out in tents in the bush and learning first hand about the natural environment. They also learn basic fieldcraft such as map reading, camp cooking and some simple survival techniques.


First Aid

Hand in hand with fieldcraft is First Aid, and in the Australian Air League cadets have the opportunity to learn basic first aid and receive recognition for higher levels of training.

Cadets can also learn about Emergency Services and receive recognition for achievement in areas including Life Saving.

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