Camps and Hikes

Cadets of the Australian Air League often take part in camps, hikes and outings, which can be organised at Squadron, Wing or Group level.

Recreational Camp

Hikes are run over one or more nights and may sometimes be run in association with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Cadets plan their own hikes and carry all of the equipment they will need, such as tents, clothing and food. They learn to be resourceful and self-sufficient, having to cook and clean for themselves, reading maps and making decisions for themselves. When they reach their objective, they feel a great sense of accomplishment.

At other times, the hike might be a day trip organised through parks and reserves which allows the younger Cadets who otherwise are’t old enough to take part in the overnight hikes.At Squadron and Wing camps, the emphasis can be on field craft or recreation. Field Craft includes practical activities like learning to read a map and use a compass, setting up tents, lighting fires (without the matches!) and other practical activities that teach them valuable skills.

At recreation camps, the emphasis is on FUN ! Cadets go swimming, play sports, do orienteering, and almost anything else they can think of. At night they might tell stories around the camp fire or play fun night games.


Raft racingCamps organised at a Group level might be purely for recreation, similar to the Squadron and Wing camps, or for training. For example, prospective Non-Commissioned Officers (N.C.O.’s) and Officers might attend leadership training camps where they are taught the skills to be future leader, or even flying camps – where the cadets live at or near the airport for a week while they begin flying training.

Cadets also take part on regular outings, whether its to the local airport or aviation museum, to airshows or even fun days such as bowling and other sports activities.

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