Bringing Back the General Manager

Not many current members are likely to remember the last time the role of General Manager (GM) was filled in the League. This role was in existence in the 1990’s, even after the Incorporated Association version of the Australian Air League replaced the Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) version, which had been in place since the League’s inception in the early 1930’s.

In the 1990’s, around the time that the Federal Executive Council was dissolved, leaving the Council of the League as the sole peak body, the appointment of GM was discontinued and the duties (but not the appointment) were removed from the AAL Manual.

Why are we bringing back this role?

There is a pressing need to make the role of Chief Commissioner far less demanding of time and effort than is currently the case. In recent years, Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for this role have generally been submitted by persons who have not had a thorough appreciation of the magnitude of the role. Those who did, wisely declined the opportunity to “throw their hats into the ring” because they knew how much time and effort it required.

Achieving a solution was one driving factor towards moving back to a CLG, which had been recommended by the Constitution Review Committee (comprising members from all Groups). In order to keep moving in a positive direction, while matters CLG are further considered, the concept of reviving the GM role has been activated.

The GM was an essential aid to the League in liaison with the Chief Commissioner, taking on the majority of governance duties and allowing the Chief Commissioner to focus largely on the uniformed (or Training) section of the League. We see this relationship resuming and allowing the capable, but time constrained, senior officers of the League to consider lodging an EOI for the position of Chief Commissioner – for the final two years of the current appointment.

The call for EOIs for both the General Manager and Chief Commissioner roles, close on 7 August. Perhaps you see yourself as having what it takes to fill either of these roles?

Just remember to consider three sets of documentation:


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Call For Expressions Of Interest In Federal And Council Of The League Appointments …

Australian Air League Manual

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Senior Appointment Information Pack


You may have seen the new Senior Appointment Information Pack (the Pack) which was distributed with Federal Orders on 19 July and is available on the website here

What is the relevance to you? If you are an experienced officer in the League then you may have ambitions of going to “the top of the class” and joining the team which leads the Air League. The League’s process for this high level of promotion is to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) – essentially an application.

In order to submit an EOI with any chance of success, you need to not only familiarise yourself with the relevant sections of the manual, which give duties and accountabilities for each appointment, but also the details in the pack.

The pack provides important context around the environment of the senior team. It also gives an extensive list of capabilities needed by someone who wishes to be appointed to a senior role. Every EOI must address how the applicant’s capabilities match with those needed, as detailed in the pack, as well as the Federal Routine Order calling for the EOIs.

Why have we done this? In a word, professionalism. The League may not be a huge organisation but it needs to have qualified people in the team at the top. One of the ways to achieve this is to make it abundantly clear what attributes members of our leadership team need. This is a role of the Senior Appointment Information Pack. It also, usefully, packs a great deal of contextual information into a small(ish) package.

If you cannot find this document of the website, please contact

The closing date for expressions of interest is 7 August 2021

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