National Anthem – Advance Australia Fair

Advance Australia Fair is the National Anthem of Australia. Composed by Peter Dodds McCormick in 1878 it was officially declared the national anthem on 19 April 1984. Sheet music can be downloaded from the Australian Government websiteIt’s an Honour.

Last Post

The last post is the bugle call sounded in military barracks at the end of each day to show that the days work is done usually at 10 pm. It is also sounded at military funerals and at commemorative events such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day where it serves as a tribute to the dead.


The custom of waking soldiers to a bugle call dates back to the Roman Legions when the rank and file were raised by horns playing Diana Hymn. To this day the French term for Reveille is La Diana. When bugle calls were officially introduced into the British System by George III a special call was written for the waking of troops. This was known as Reveille meaning to wake again from the old French. Joseph Hayden is generally regarded as the composer of the calls which exist substantially unchanged today. On ANZAC Day Reveille or Rouse breaks the silence that follows the playing of the Last Post symbolising he awakening of the dead in the next and better world. (Rouse is the bugle call more commonly used in onjunction with the Last Post and to the layman is often incorrectly called Reveille. Although associated ith the Last Post Reveille is rarely used because of its length.)


The Rouse is a bugle call is most often associated with the military in Commonwealth countries. It is commonly played followingThe Last Post at military services and is known in popular parlance as Reveille. Despite often being referred to by the name Reveille The Rouse is actually a separate piece of music from the traditional Reveille. The Rouse was traditionally played following the Reveille which was a bugle call played in the morning to wake soldiers up. The Rouse would be played to get soldiers out of bed. Because of the close association between the two tunes The Rouse is commonly mistaken for Reveille and has taken on many of the functions Reveille traditionally held in remembrance ceremonies (such as those on Remembrance Day due to its shorter length and the ease with which it can be played).

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