Queensland Officer’s Conference 2024

In January, the Queensland Group held its annual Officer’s Conference, which was a great success and attended by Officers from Squadrons throughout the Group. During the event, the Officer committed to excellence in training, planning, marketing, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among our dedicated officers.

The corner of the conference was training with informative sessions designed to enhance leadership skills, promote excellence, and refine the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in their roles and inspire the next generation of aviators.

Sqn Captain Mortimer receiving his promotion and confirmation of appointment as Squadron OC, Forest Lake

Effective planning was another key focus of the conference, as officers collaborated to strategise and coordinate upcoming events and initiatives. Through preparation and forward-thinking strategies, they aim to elevate the Queensland Group’s presence and impact within the community, ensuring that the programs offered continue to thrive and reach new heights.

Marketing also plays a crucial role in promoting the Air League’s mission and values, with discussions, brainstorming and plans to be implemented during the conference. By harnessing the power of social media, community partnerships, and outreach efforts, the Group is focusing on attracting new members who share their passion for aviation and leadership development.

Of course, no conference would be complete without a bit of fun and camaraderie, and the dinner event certainly delivered on that front. Officers had the opportunity to unwind, connect with friends, and celebrate their shared achievements in a relaxed atmosphere. Laughter filled the air as stories were shared and friendships strengthened, reinforcing the sense of community that is at the heart of the Australian Air League.

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