Queensland Group Training Camp 2024

Held at the Currimundi Recreation Centre, the 2024 Queensland Group Training Camp brought officers and cadets together to embark on a successful weekend of training, drill instruction, and team-building adventure. Against the backdrop of lush greenery and the sounds of the ocean, participants had the opportunity to hone their skills in instruction, leadership, administration, and drill training.

Instruction and leadership take centre stage at the training camp, where experienced officers can impart their wealth of knowledge and expertise to eager cadets. Under the guidance of these mentors, cadets are empowered to embrace challenges, instruct effectively, and chart a course towards success in the Air League, life and the aviation industry.

Administration is a vital component of the training camp experience, and young officers learned the importance of effective communication, organisation, and teamwork in executing seamless operations. Through hands-on exercises, lectures and officer panels, participants gained practical insights into managing resources, coordinating activities, and navigating the complexities of Squadron leadership.

Drill sessions add a touch of precision and discipline to the training camp, instilling in cadets the values of respect, teamwork, and attention to detail. From perfecting marching formations to mastering uniform regulations, participants learned through teaching and practice. Beyond the physical aspects, drill fosters a sense of unity and teamwork amongst cadets, strengthening bonds that endure long after the training camp concludes.

Saturday evening found the cadets and officers alike celebrating Jake Raine’s birthday. Sharing a delicious red velvet birthday cake and singing “Happy Birthday” created yet another memory for the group of friends who have spent many years together. However, even a birthday celebration wasn’t enough to overshadow the upcoming drill lessons and assessments that followed.

The final parade provided an opportunity for Queensland Group to welcome Glenn Raine to the Group Air Activities role and express appreciation to Mike Hansen for his time, effort, and skills during his time in the Air League. Recently graduating from cadet to warrant officer and from warrant officer to second officer saw three fresh young officers round up the weekend with inspiration for those following the same path.

After lunch on Sunday, the cadets and officers departed the training camp with hearts full of inspiration, minds enriched with knowledge, and spirits ignited, ready for another successful year in the League. For officers and cadets alike, the training camp serves as a launching pad for personal growth, professional development, and lifelong friendships, ensuring that the legacy of the Australian Air League continues to soar to new heights.

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