Manly Squadron Gliding Weekend 2024

Over the last weekend of February, the Manly Squadron visited the Southern Tablelands Gliding Club just north of Goulburn for an exhilarating gliding weekend.

With the members arriving by bus on Saturday morning, everyone was keen to get the gliders out and get their heads into the clouds. The cadets were so keen to fly that they left the campsite setup up to the Officers and parents!

The day started with low cloud cover, so the cadets received a safety briefing from the pilot before being shown how to transport the gliders safely to the launching point. 

From here, they learned how to assist with launching a glider and how to retrieve it after a successful landing. By this time, the clouds had lifted, and the flying soon commenced! 

The young cadets didn’t just fly; they all took turns helping with each task: launching a gliding, recovering the winch rope, recovering a glider, and helping the winch operator, all under the supervision of experienced gliding club instructors. 

Some of the older cadets even had the chance to try their hand at the controls—what an unforgettable experience!

After the gliders were put away for the day, the members settled in for dinner and later, some night games on the Grass Strip. Finally, they turned in for the night in their tents at the end of the runway.

On Sunday morning, the camp woke to early morning fog, the perfect time for breakfast and a safety briefing. The cadets again helped bring the gliders to the launch point for the morning. Once the fog burnt off, the gliders were in the air, taking a small break in the middle of the day to swap runways with the changing wind and weather. Some parents also had the opportunity to experience a flight in the glider.

In total, 23 cadets, Officers, and parents took to the skies under the guidance of skilled Southern Tablelands Gliding Club instructors. With 44 thrilling flights, with cadets, Officers, and parents all flying, the excitement was truly palpable!

A massive thank you to the dedicated instructors at the Southern Tablelands Gliding Club for their expertise and guidance throughout the weekend. Your passion for gliding is truly inspiring!

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