STAA Donates to the Air League

ST Aerospace Academy is a flying training organisation that operates an ab-initio flight training base at Ballarat in Victoria.

Recently they had to replace all of their BAK/PPL/CPL/IREX text books and rather than throw them out, they donated 50 sets of study books to the Australian Air League Victoria Group. We were able to get our hands on around, most in pretty good condition.

Given the average cost of each text book is around $30-$50 each, the total value is around $5,000. There were PPL Study Guides, all CPL subjects and the IREX text book in each set. All squadrons in Victoria were able to get 2 or 3 sets each.

While some some topics such as air law might go out of date , the theory remains the same. If any cadet wants to see where their Air League theory courses could lead them, or if they wish to study more advanced subject material, these books will help them immensely.

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