Welcome to the Leadership Matters Series

Leadership Matters is a series of easy to use and on-line handouts that are designed to supplement Officer Development and NCO training programs. The handouts can be used as stand-alone worksheets, or blended with pre-existing learning resources. The aim of this series is to provide national guidance and current information on a wide range of leadership topics that affect not only Officers, but also NCOs, Warrant Officers and Trainee Officers.

Each document in Leadership Matters series is concise and deals with an aspect of leadership that occurs regularly in the Air League. The information is presented in a straightforward format with dot points and interactive questions to aid learning.

  • Group Commissioners and Wing Training Officers can blend these resources into Squadron, Wing or Group training courses.
  • Squadron Officers can use these resources to refresh their knowledge and skills.
  • Trainee Officers, Warrant Officers and NCOs can use the resources to prepare for promotion and enhance their contribution to the squadron.
  • OC Squadrons can use these notes to monitor and mentor Squadron Officers on effective performance and behaviour.
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