Doncaster Officers Recognised in 2017 Menzies Australia Day Awards

The 2017 Menzies Community Australia Day Awards recognised many fine people from the local community who have given their time and effort to make our Australia a wonderful place to be.

Amongst those names this year were 3 members of the Australian Air League’s Doncaster Squadron. At presentations both on the day and afterwards, Sqn Capt.Ian Walkedon,2nd Off. Hason Wong and Cpl. Kenneth Ting were each presented with awards by the Hon. Kevin Andrews, Federal member for Menzies.

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Mr Ian Walkedon was recognised for over 6 years of work as a member of Australian Air League, representing it diligently in the local and surrounding communities. His efforts not only within the squadron but also in badge selling, parades and a range of other community based activities have seen Doncaster Sqn continue to grow, not only in numbers but also in the community.

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Mr Hanson Wong has been recognised for his long service within the League (over 13 years) and his work in the community as part of it. His service has seen progress from the rank of cadet to Sqn Sgt. then onto becoming an officer, all whilst participating in numerous community activities including ANZAC marches, the Kyeema memorial and ceremonies with the Doncaster RSL. His organisational and leadership skills have been a valuable asset to the local community.

An Air League member since 2009, Cpl. Kenneth Ting’s recognition comes not only from his work training new Australian Air League cadets within Doncaster Sqn, but also selfless donation of time and immersion into a range of community activities. Kenneth generously gave time to help establishing Doncaster RSL’s museum and as well as the structuring of a mimic WWII Air Force Operations Room at the RSL.

The Australian Air League congratulates each member for their award and how they continue to inspire the members of their Squadron and their League.


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