In July, the Air Force Association NSW ran a competition inviting their younger audience
to describe, in less than 25 words, why they had a passion for aviation. Two sets of Wings magazines were offered as prizes.

Both winners of this competition were Junior Cadets of the Australian Air League, Junior Cadet Ben Spratt of Sutherland Shire Squadron and Leading Cadet Alexander Finnegan of Edmondson Park Squadron in NSW.

Ben wrote, “I draw planes all the time. I spot planes and watch the flight radar. I also attend the Australian Air league where my love of aviation can be shared among other kids like me”.

Alexander aspires to be a RAAF pilot and an AAL flying instructor, and wrote “I am interested in planes and the magazines would teach me more about planes and, as it interests me, I read more which helps with my dyslexia”.

Congratulations to both of them!