Federal Orders – January 2024

The following routine Federal Orders are now available for download.


Federal Routine Order 02/2024 165.64 KB 205 downloads


Federal Administration Circular No 1/2024 158.11 KB 183 downloads

Squadron / Wing Financial Returns …

Federal Operations Instruction #5 2024 234.74 KB 166 downloads

December 2023 Routine Orders

The following Federal Routine Orders are now available for download online.


Federal Routine Order -8/23 – General 86.88 KB 140 downloads

Federal Staff Potential Vacancies – Operations, Field & Training …

Call for EOI for Chief Comr and General Manager

The tenure of the Chief Commissioner’s appointment expires on 31 December 2023 and accordingly it is necessary to fill the role to ensure a smooth transition into 2024.

In order to assist in making the appointment of the Chief Commissioner more manageable in terms of the bandwidth and a need to be dedicated to the uniformed AAL members and operations, the decision was taken to call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for both appointments.

Details of the EOI can be found below.


Call For EOI In ChiefComr and GM 182.59 KB 329 downloads

Call For Expressions Of Interest In Appointments Of Chief Commissioner And General…

Federal Routine Orders August 2023

The latest Federal Routine Orders have been published for members and are available online via the links below.


Federal Routine Order 7/22 – Gazette 117.48 KB 274 downloads

Change to Promotions and Exams

As in 2020 the Covid-19 virus is affecting every Group to different degrees, and this is also affecting how NCO promotions are being carried out during this time.

With this being the case, a temporary postponement of the practical component of NCO and Flag Party exams is now being put into place. This is for Squadrons who have not been able to return to face-to-face parades.

Details can be found in Federal Field Circular No 01/2021 available below;


Federal Field Circular No 01/2021 428.72 KB 420 downloads

NCO Promotions & Flag Party Exams – Covid-19 Waver of Requirements   …

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