RAAFA Wings Competition Winners

In July, the Air Force Association NSW ran a competition inviting their younger audience
to describe, in less than 25 words, why they had a passion for aviation. Two sets of Wings magazines were offered as prizes.

Both winners of this competition were Junior Cadets of the Australian Air League, Junior Cadet Ben Spratt of Sutherland Shire Squadron and Leading Cadet Alexander Finnegan of Edmondson Park Squadron in NSW.

Ben wrote, “I draw planes all the time. I spot planes and watch the flight radar. I also attend the Australian Air league where my love of aviation can be shared among other kids like me”.

Alexander aspires to be a RAAF pilot and an AAL flying instructor, and wrote “I am interested in planes and the magazines would teach me more about planes and, as it interests me, I read more which helps with my dyslexia”.

Congratulations to both of them!

Wings Magazine – Autumn 2021

The Autumn 21 edition of the Air Force Association’s Wings magazine can now be accessed online via the new Wings website: www.wingsmagazine.org.

In this edition Wings acknowledges the Air Force centenary and the contribution air power has made to our young nation, both commercially and militarily. It begins a RAAF history series and continues the Qantas and Skunk Works series. The Autumn edition also introduces a short series on an Aussie larrikin who set the Australian Land Speed record (with some RAAF assistance) and who has aspirations to break the sound barrier on land.

Along with the regular digests and information, this edition features RAAF Base Amberley and its Aviation Heritage Centre. Our Management and Leadership article relates an experience dealing with honour and integrity and is well worth reading for those who aspire to leadership roles. The Air League report can be found on page 70.

The Air Force Association hopes all its readers continue to enjoy the magazine, and would like to encourage readers to promote subscription to the magazine to the broader aviation community either as a gift or for direct access to a quality aerospace magazine.

Wings Magazine – Summer 2020

Wings Summer 2020

An e-version of the Summer edition of the Air Force Association’s Wings magazine can be accessed on line via the new Wings website: www.wingsmagazine.org.

Apart from the regular digests and information, this edition includes:

  • A series on the legendary Lockheed Skunk Works, with the first instalment covering the fascinating development of the SR-71, Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft that featured in the Spring edition;
  • Acknowledgement of the Qantas centenary is continued with the first of a four-part series on the evolution of this iconic world airline; and
  • In a first for Wings, direct access to short video illustrations of feature articles is enabled via QR codes, as dramatically demonstrated in the graphic videos of test ejections in the “Riding Shotgun” Martin Baker story.

There is also a report on Australian Air League activities on page 71

Note that Wings has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/WingsMagazineRAAFAPublications

RAAFA Wings Spring Edition

Wings is the magazine of the Air Force Association and it can be accessed on line via the “Wings” link at www.raafapublications.org.au, or directly accessed at https://wings.partica.online/wings/spring-2020-volume-72-no-3/responsive.

The Spring edition has a surveillance theme, with an introduction from Commander SRG, articles on both Poseidon and Wedgetail, Science and Technology articles on earth science surveillance (SEASAT) and future hyperspectral surveillance, and a blast from the past with an article on the SR71 written by former USAF SR71 pilot Russell Szczepanik.

The key historical article concerns the reconnaissance drive by Paul McGinness and Hudson Fysh that led to the birth of Qantas.  The WWII battle for Darwin turns into a dogfight and there is another technology article on electric aircraft research.  This edition is not to be missed.

There is even an article on the Australian Air League!

Wings also has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/WingsMagazineRAAFAPublications.

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