Group Lieutenant Geoff Sadler LM, MSA

It is with the greatest regret that I advise our membership that Group Lieutenant Geoffrey James SADLER, Life Member and holder of the League’s Meritorious Service Award, born on 15th November 1939 and who joined the Australian Air League on 26th November 1948 lost his battle with life tonight at 1710 hours He joins many of our departed members who form that illustrious ‘Squadron in the Sky” and will be made most welcome by those who have gone before him.

Geoff had been unwell for some time and was in the Nepean hospital at the time of his departure.

It would be most remiss of me to not pass on to 1st Officer Guy Blanchard of the City of Lithgow Squadron, NSW Boys’ Group my heartfelt thanks for his ongoing contact with, and commitment to, Geoff in his last days and for keeping Geoff in touch with his friends within the League.

Geoff who was able to be the friend, mentor, conscience to those of us who knew him well and we will all miss him.  He leaves an unfillable void.

Individually we will all have our memories; collectively we will remember Geoff Sadler as a dedicated member of the Australian League Inc. who helped to make our Organisation what it is today – the ‘Primary School of Aviation’.

Rest in peace Geoff; those of us who are left behind surely have some big boots to fill.

Chief Comr. Ian Rickards, LM., DSA., MSA.

Chief Commissioner  & Chief Executive
Australian Air League Inc.
19 September 2007


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