Young Air League Officer Honoured


Chief Comr Ian Rickards and 2nd Off Hanson Wong

Hanson Wong from Doncaster Squadron, Victoria Group recently made Air League history at the Victoria Group Review. In a day that just got better, Hanson was first promoted to Second Officer and then presented with the prestigious Meritorious Service Award (MSA) by Chief Commissioner, Ian Rickards, LM, DSA, MSA.

Hanson is a former Cadet of the Year runner-up and winner of the Council of the Air League Certificate of Merit in 2011. Joining the Australian Air League at age 8, Hanson has already amassed more than 10 years service to the Australian Air League.

In addition to his squadron and study commitments, Hanson has dedicated many hours over the last two years working on national projects such as the on-line Air League Manual, Cadet of the Year Advisory Group, on-line NCO Handbook and an online national database.

Federal Training Commissioner, Tom Short, said, “Hanson is a great role model for other NCOs and young officers. This award shows that when younger members make a significant impact on the success of the Air League, it gets noticed and is recognised by the Council. This is the first time a major award has been presented to someone of Hanson’s rank and age”.



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