AAL Promotional Pull up Banners

The Australian Air League is pleased to announce that it will be supplying promotional pull-up banners to all Squadrons of the Air League to assist with their promotional and recruiting efforts. This is a nationally funded promotional initiative for Squadrons and Groups and was recently approved by the Council of the League following a successful small scale print run and trial earlier this year. The League has funds bequested to it by the late Gp.Lt. Geoff Sadler, LM., MSA and the Council agreed that this was a worthy project and agreed to supply the banners to all Squadrons and Groups.

These pull-up banners measure 2000mm by 850mm and feature quality metal base and roller mechanism, curl resistant heavy duty material and a handy carry bag. The first banners have already been delivered to Queensland Group in time for the Aviation Careers Expo 2015 with South Australia and Victoria receiving theirs last week. The remainder will be delivered to the NSW Groups over the coming weeks.

Since 1934 the Australian Air League has offered young boys and girls the opportunity to learn about aviation, while developing important life skills like leadership, discipline, self confidence and teamwork. In increasingly busy modern times the Air League needs to ensure it stands out from the crowd, and with colourful up to date brochures and now professional printed pull up banners the Council of the League is assisting Squadrons around Australia to attract tomorrow’s young aviators and leaders


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