Edmondson Park – First Night

On the 13th of March 2020, the doors opened on the first ever Squadron night for the brand-new Edmondson Park Squadron of the Australian Air League.

With the support and guidance from Gp Comr. Brendan Fox, the officers of the Squadron looked forward to the night. The officers where quite surprised with the number of potential members and parents rocking up.

Acting Squadron OC 2nd Off Lachlan Abernathy with Squadron Adjutant T/O Patrick Estasy welcome the new members during first parade and introduced all the other staff.

Taking control of the Squadrons drill program is W/O Tom Sterrett. Mr Sterrett organised the cadets into age groups and each group then accompanied by an officer went off to learn all the qualities of what cadet’s need to succeed in drill. Cadets learnt from basic such as Standing at Attention and basic static movements and progressed to learning how to march and halt correctly. All the cadets loved learning the concept of marching and Mr Sterret controlled drill efficiently.

After an hour of drill, the cadets were then treated to supper provided by the Squadron, everyone enjoyed the chocolate cake that was on offer, some even came back for seconds!

Whilst supper was going on, the Squadron Education Officer W/O Arjun Jogia set up education for the night. Cadets sat down with an officer at separate tables and began their first ever badge in GP6. Mr Jogia had a PowerPoint presentation with key details describe what the cadets would be learning in this class and Mr Jogia took time to answer every single question that was asked by the cadets. After the presentation was over and the cadets had a basic understanding of the first few chapters, officers at each table then helped and quizzed the boys on what they had just learnt. All the cadets were eager and excited for the next lesson that was planned.

To end the night off, the cadets went outside to play some fun and exciting ball games. Squadron Activities Officer 2nd Off Jack Kelly oversaw the ball games for the night. Cadets were placed into two teams and a friendly completion ensued between each team, both teams wanting to win. The games played on the night were Tunnel Ball and Chest pass relay. After and explanation of the rules and a quick run-down, the cadets were eager and excited to play. With parents watching on, the cadets ran, passed and cheered their way through each round leaving everyone excited for more new games to be played next week.

Mr Abernathy and Mr Estasy spent the night working hard ensure all forms had been filled in correctly and did a great job with the administration portion of the Squadron. Mr Estasy ensured a neat and proactive work environment to ensure everything was running smoothly.

The night was filled with new faces, new friendships and new members of Edmondson Park Squadron. Everyone at Edmondson Park Squadron wishes to thank all the cadets and parents for coming down and having faith in our new Squadron, we promise to lead by example of the Australian Air League.

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