September Competition – Space

Design your own Lunar Lander! (photo NASA)

Attention all cadets!

For our September Cadet competition, we looking for you to design your own Lunar Lander!

In 2017 the United States launched its Artemis Program designed to return humans to the Moon by the mid 2020s.

We want to design your own Lunar Lander to return astronauts to the Moon. It can be totally your own design, or inspired by the real designs that are being proposed for this program. You can make it as realistic or as fanciful as you want!

There are two categories for this competition;

  • 8 – 11 years old
  • 12 – 15 years old

The only condition is you must be a Cadet who is a current member of the Australian Air League.

We are looking for the best design in each age group of a Lunar Lander spacecraft. The work must be a freehand sketch or drawing and cannot be traced. It may be coloured by pencil, crayons, texta or paints and must be the cadet’s own work.

To enter please scan or photograph your work and submit either on the Air League Facebook page, or email them to us Please include your name and membership number on you entry.

Looking for inspiration? Check out this video from NASA’s Langley Research Centre.

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