Federal Cadet of the Year 2023

Cadet of the Year

The Federal Cadets of the Year assessments were held online again this year.

This occurred on Sunday 26th February 2023, and the following candidates are congratulated for being nominated by their respective Groups and for all putting in a strong performance on the day and all can be considered winners.

The candidates were:

Candidates for the Female Award

  • Sqn.Sgt. Violet Lorenz of Victoria Group;
  • Sgt. Jasmine Biggs of Queensland Group;
  • Sgt. Charlotte Lelliott of SA Group; and
  • Sgt. Lara Wilbow of NSW Group.

Candidates for the Male Award

  • Sqn.Sgt. Christian Camilleri of Victoria Group;
  • Sgt. Leo Schwareze of NSW Group; and
  • Cpl. Shayn Wilds of SA Group.

A similar rigorous process was used as in previous years, again using the capabilities of video conferencing from the comfort of the candidate’s (and assessor’s) homes.

The selection process included the following contributing components which were weighed to produce a final result.

  • Knowledge Test 15% 
  • Inspection 10%
  • Presentation 30%
  • Interview 35%

For the presentation, each candidate prepared a fifteen-minute audio-visual presentation which was delivered to the coordinator of the activity (Acting Federal Education Commissioner, Gp Comr. Brendan Willard) a week before the event and marked by members of Federal Staff. The presentations were all well done, and candidates are congratulated on the quality of the preparation and execution of that task.

As usual, it was a tough decision for the selection panel, with all of the candidates impressive in one way or another. They represented both their Squadrons and Groups very well.

At the end of the afternoon, the results were announced:

Federal Cadet of the Year (Female)

Winner: Sgt Jasmine Biggs of Queensland Group;

Federal Cadet of the Year (Male)

Winner Sqn Sgt Christian Camilleri of Victoria Group;

Chief Commissioner Ian Rickards, OAM, LM, DSA and Bar, MSA congratulated all of the candidates and especially the winners and runners-up on their great efforts and achievements. He further congratulated Gp Comr Willard on the organisation of the day and thanked everyone who assisted with the assessments.

For obvious reasons, no presentation could actually take place on the day so certificates, badges and trophies will be presented at an appropriate opportunity in the not-too-distant future.

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