COVID-19 Update 20 March 2020

On Wednesday 18th March, Chief Commissioner James Dixon MSA advised that the Australian Air League was pausing all face to face activities from the 23 March 2020 due to the continuing COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) situation, with a review on 20 April 2020.

However, this does not mean an end to all Air League activities.

We are currently preparing a program that will allow our cadets to continue their studies at home, and will have information available in the coming days.

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COVID-19 – Pause of Activities

It has become apparent in recent days that to continue face to face operations under current Government restrictions, particularly around social distancing, has become increasingly difficult.

A decision has been made to pause face to face activities in the Australian Air League from 0001 hrs, 23 March 2020 in light of the continuing COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) situation, to be reviewed on 20 April 2020.

Details about the shutdown can be found in Federal Standing Order 02/2020 found below together with a letter from Chief.Comr. James Dixon MSA.


Federal Standing Order No 02/2020 91.30 KB 103 downloads

COVID 19 (Novel Coronavirus) All Australian Air League Face to Face Activities…

Federal Orders for March 2020

The following Federal Orders have been issued for March 2020;


Federal Routine Order No 3/2020 164.05 KB 42 downloads

Federal Field Commissioner – Call for Expressions of Interest …

Federal Administration Circular No 1/2020 81.57 KB 37 downloads

Squadron / Wing Financial Returns …

Federal Education Circular No 01/2020 99.32 KB 35 downloads

Australian Air League Review Sunday, 4th October 2020 …

Federal Education Instruction No. 34 228.39 KB 48 downloads

Pre-Requisites for Education Syllabus …

COVID 19 Protocol Update 16 March 2020

Members will be aware of COVID 19 (Novel Coronavirus) – hereafter referred to as COVID-19 – and the effect it is having on the Australian community. In accordance with the most recent Federal Government advice in regard to COVID 19 the following protocols are in force within the Australian Air League (AAL) as of 0001hrs (i.e. 1 minute past midnight), 16 March 2020.


Federal Standing Order No 01/2020 95.07 KB 117 downloads

COVID 19 (Novel Coronavirus) Australian Air League Protocols as of 0001hrs 16…

Victoria Group Updates – COVID-19

After careful consideration of current events regarding Coronavirus 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19, the Victoria Group acknowledges the concerns of some parents and Officers and accordingly it has been decided to postpone the 2020 Group Review.

Details regarding this matter and regular Squadron Parades can be found in the attached documents.


VIC Group Operations Instruction No 01/2020 461.86 KB 55 downloads

2020 Group Review Postponed …

VIC Group Operations Circular No 02/2020 466.88 KB 38 downloads

SQUADRON PARADES-Coronavirus 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19 …

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