Cadet of the Year – 2008/2009

On the weekend of 14th/15th February 2009, the National Staff and the Executive Commissioners had the pleasure, and honour, to spend a Saturday and Sunday with the ‘cream’ of the Australian Air League’s youth membership.

The candidates were:
Sqn Sgt Michael Perinich Mount Pritchard Squadron New South Wales Boys
Cpl Stephanie Barnes  Blacktown Squadron  New South Wales Girls
Cpl Robin Parr   Hervey Bay Squadron  Queensland Girls
Cpl Aaron Loeken  Strathpine Squadron  Queensland Boys
Cpl Samantha Badans  Berwick Squadron  Victoria Girls
Cpl Samuel Ainslie  Doncaster Squadron  Victoria Boys


The selection of the Cadet of the Year took place in Melbourne, in conjunction with the meeting of the Council of the Australian Air League, which was conducted at the Victoria Group headquarters in Oakleigh.

After lunch, at the Victoria Group Headquarters, the results were announced in front of the League’s senior Officers and the Cadet of the Year badges were presented to the winning candidates.

The winners were:
Corporal Stephanie Barnes      Blacktown Girls’ Squadron, New South Wales Girls’ Group.
Corporal Samuel Ainslie           Doncaster Boys’ Squadron, Victoria Group.



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