Air League History in Photos

Since its inception in 1934 – Cadets, Officers and parents in the Australian Air League have kept a pictorial history in family and personal photos that cover their development and indirectly that of the League. For too long those photos for the most part have been forgotten in family photo albums and shoe boxes in musty attics, however with a new project we are looking to unlock and put on display these pictures for others to share.

Taking inspiration from Flickr: The Commons, a project to unlock the world’s photographic archives such the US Library of Congress and the Australian War Memorial, the Air League has established a photo pool on Flickr to store our treasured memories. A selection of historic photos have already been added and are available to be viewed here. Some have a history, others are of faces and events forgotten.

If you have photos you would like added to the collection, please email the webmaster. If you want to help identify some of these photos, sign up to Flickr and add a note or comment.



  1. phillip black

    My father (Alistair Peter Black) was a member of the AAL Parramatta Squadron pre WW2 … I am currently researching his life and his time in the RAAF during WW2 … it was a delight to find your History Group and photos … I may have some to add in due course … does the history group hold records of membership in the 1930s?
    Thanks, Phillip

  2. Editor

    Dear Phillip,
    Thanks for your email. We do have some records from 1930s, however being a volunteer run not-for-profit group they are unfortunately incomplete.

    We would certainly be interested in any information and and photos you might have regarding your father. Please feel free to email to

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