Forest Lake Gliding Weekend 2023

Picture this: a crisp Saturday morning, the sun shining high above the horizon and the sounds of excitement echoing through the air. A group of Australian Air League Forest Lake Squadron cadets unified in one goal – to conquer the skies. This was the scene at Boonah Gliding Club last weekend as our cadets took part in a thrilling gliding adventure.

The excitement was palpable as the cadets gathered around the gliders, eagerly waiting for their turn to take to the skies. The club’s instructors were friendly and knowledgeable, taking the time to explain the delicate and intricate workings of the gliding machines. From the basics of take-off and landing to more advanced manoeuvres, the cadets were briefed on what to expect on their maiden flights.

The anticipation intensified as the first cadets prepared to take off. You could hear a pin drop as the glider released from its towline gracefully soared into the sky. The pilots expertly controlled the gliders, easily navigating the wind currents and maintaining a steady altitude.

The views over Boonah were breathtaking as the cadets glided quietly through the air. The rolling hills below were a beautiful patchwork of greens and browns with pockets of blue scattered throughout, a sight that left many a cadet awestruck.

The Boonah Gliding Club provided an unforgettable weekend for our cadets. They were the epitome of professionalism, ensuring every cadet had the time of their life and left with a newfound appreciation for the skies. It was an experience that will remain etched in their memories forever.

Here’s to the next adventure in the skies!

Manly Squadron Go Gliding

Over the weekend of the 24th and 25th March the cadets and Officers of the Manly Squadron of the Australian Air League an Air Activities Class 3 Gliding Camp at the Tony Onions Airfield near Goulburn NSW with the Southern Highlands Gliding Club.

With 19 cadets, 3 officers and 9 parents air the camp, the cadets undertook a detailed safety briefing followed by training on the required tasks such as cable retrieval and wing walking (glider retrieval). The Cadets were allocated to their respective glider and flying commenced in great weather conditions.

Using a winch for launching, heights around 1200 feet were achieved and the duration of flights averaged around 15 minutes. Cadets were shown the effect of controls and flew the glider for a period of the flight. The highlight of the flight was the winch launch with the glider climbing at around 40 degrees. A number of Parents from our “Support Crew” also managed a flight. With well drilled crews we were enable to accomplish 28 launches during a six hour period.

Despite the very basic conditions every one managed to be fed and participated in a cricket match (no ball tampering!) and were tucked up in bed before a storm swept briefly over the area.

Following breakfast on Sunday morning the Gliding and Soaring Class 3 course was conducted by one of the gliding club pilots who is also a TAFE Teacher during the week and examinations were completed just in time for lunch. We were impressed by the way the Club Staff got swept up by the enthusiasm of the Cadets and participated as a team in the activities. We must thank the mothers, fathers and grandfathers of our “Support Crew” who attended the camp and helped cater to the Squadron needs.

This was the first time the majority attending had been associated with gliding and they really enjoyed the experience!

SA Wing Gliding Day

Over two beautiful days this month, 30 cadets from the South Australia Wing of AAL flew went gliding with the Adelaide Soaring Club located at the Gawler Airfield. 

A number of the cadets were new to gliding and there were smiles all around. 

Three Adelaide Soaring Club gliders ready for the day's flying at Gawler

Gp Comr Ball said “They were both fantastic days. Adelaide Soaring Club is extremely well organised and professional and provided absolute first rate flying experiences for the cadets.  It was great to see the confidence of the cadets being eager to do some exciting acrobatics”

Photos of the day can be seen online here


Bundaberg Gliding Camp

On the weekend of the 11th to the 13th of September, Bundaberg Squadron in Queensland played host to three other Squadrons for its annual gliding camp at its Squadron building. With the assistance of the Bundaberg Gliding Club, cadets from Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Strathpine and Southport were able to experience the incredible feeling of engineless flight.

Although weather conditions were not favourable at the airfield flight times of between 10 and 15 minutes were achieved thanks to the skill of the clubs instructors.

2015-09-12 - bundberg gliding 3

The cadets were also able to work on several different badges during the camp. First Officer Kyle Graves was on hand to provide drill training for cadets to attain the next level of their Drill Proficiency badge, while Squadron Sergeant Tom Houghton assisted the cadets with the theory for their Gliding and Soaring Badges.

2015-09-12 - bundberg gliding 1

It was a great weekend for all involved and a great chance for cadets from Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Strathpine and Southport to connect and have a fun and educational experience. A huge thanks goes to the Officers of all Squadrons involved as well as the parents and the staff of the gliding club for making the weekend successful.

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