Pam Price awarded Woman of the Year – Wyong Electorate

Squadron Captain Pam Price DSA,MSA

Congratulations to Squadron Captain Pam Price, DSA MSA who was awarded Woman of the Year for Wyong State Electorate.

Sqn.Capt. Price is the Squadron OC of Doyalson Girls Squadron, which she founded in 1987. On receiving the award she said it was a very unexpected and humbling honour.

“I am sure there are lots of emery in our area working hard for their communities.

“I’m honoured that I can receive this on behalf of myself, but also the girls who have been part of our Squadron who have also given so much,” she said.

For Pam it has really been a family affair, after relocating to Wyongah with her husband and three children, they all joined the Australian Air League.

“We all joined. It was wonderful.”

Pam was awarded the League’s Meritorious Service Award (MSA) in 1999 and the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) in 2018. She was also awarded Central Coast Volunteer of the Year in 2021.

International Women’s Day 2022

On this day, we celebrate the important women in our lives and communities. Their remarkable achievements raise awareness for women’s equality and serve as a reminder for aspiring young women who dream of a world free from bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. 

Squadron Lieutenant Mykhala Boyde

Leading the charge and celebrating over 20 years in the Australian Air League, Squadron Lieutenant Mykhala Boyde is an inspiration to all cadets as she demonstrates commitment and passion for the organisation she loves. 

“Having worked my way up through the ranks to become a Squadron Lieutenant, I see my role as a mentor who guides the cadets to achieve their own goals. I have done so much in this organisation during the 20 years, and I have so much knowledge to share. I love my community, the people and the culture of this diverse organisation, and want to encourage every young person to share their hopes and dreams confidently, knowing that there will be people willing to help them grow.”

Victoria Group is proud to have such dedicated and experienced women among our ranks. 

Happy International Women’s Day Mykhala, and all women both past and present!

Federal Cadets of the Year 2021

The Federal Cadets of the Year assessments for 2021 were held online, via MS Teams, on Sunday 6 February 2022.

The following candidates are congratulated for being nominated by their respective Groups and for all putting on a strong performance on the day:

Candidates for the Female Award

  • Cpl Jasmine Biggs of Forest Lake Squadron, Queensland Group;
  • Sgt Tiffany Huang of Doncaster Squadron, Victoria Group;
  • Sgt Maxine Taylor of Parafield Squadron, SA Group; and
  • Sgt Lara Wilbow of Doyalson Girls Squadron, NSW Group.

Candidates for the Male Award

  • Cpl Dinidu Kapukotuwa of Waverley Squadron, Victoria Group;
  • Sgt Dylan McEvoy of Coolangatta/Tweed Squadron, Queensland Group; and
  • Sqn Sgt Peter Tran of Riverwood Boys Squadron, NSW Group.
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Australia Day Honours 2022

Chief Comr. Nigel Edwards (Ret’d)

It is with pleasure that the League recognises that Chief Comr. Nigel Edwards (Ret’d) LM, DSA was included in the Australia Day 2022 Honours List as recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia.

Chief Comr. Edwards has had a long and distinguished career with the Australian Air League. Some of the highlights include:

  • Joined as a junior Officer with Glenhuntly Company (Squadron) in February 1943;
  • Commanded this Company from May 1946;
  • Became a senior member of Victoria Group staff in 1952, progressing through to Group Field Commissioner from early 1959;
  • Became Federal Field Commissioner in 1961;
  • Was awarded Life Membership in 1970 and was also awarded the Distinguished Service Award; and
  • Held the appointment of Chief Commissioner from 1974 until 1977.

Chief Comr. Edwards has recently celebrated his 96th birthday and is living in Capel Sound (previously Rosebud West); he still takes a great interest in the activities of the Victoria Group and the Air League in general.

The Council of the League extends its hearty congratulations to Chief Comr. Edwards on his well- merited honour.

Congratulations Nigel – job well done for not only the League but also the other organisations you have benefited over the years.

Details can be found in Federal Routine Order F/RI/01/22 available for download here.


Federal Routine Order 01/22 154.89 KB 54 downloads

Australia Day Honours – Chief Comr. Nigel Edwards (Ret’d) OAM, LM, DSA …

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