Air League cadets to talk to NASA Astronaut Warren Hoburg

NASA Astronaut Warren Hoburg

Cadets of the Australian Air League’s South Australia Group will soon take the Air League’s motto, “Free From the Bonds of the Earth”, to heart when they speak live to NASA Astronaut Warren Hoburg.

They have recently received confirmation from NASA that on Friday, 25th August, the cadets will be able to talk directly with the astronauts on the International Space Station from the Australian Space Discovery Centre, Adelaide.

Using equipment provided by NASA, the cadets will have the opportunity to ask the astronauts questions about life aboard the orbiting space station over 400km above the Earth’s surface.

The event will be live-streamed on the Air League’s Facebook page from 6:30 pm (CST), so register now!

Federal Routine Orders August 2023

The latest Federal Routine Orders have been published for members and are available online via the links below.


Federal Routine Order 7/22 – Gazette 117.48 KB 248 downloads

Holsworthy Aviation Unit

Edmondson Park and Southern Highlands Squadron had the fantastic opportunity to visit the 6th Aviation Regiment at the Holsworthy Aviation Unit yesterday, which is part of the 16th Aviation Brigade – Australian Army.

The Cadets learned about the Army’s Aviation History, their helicopters, and the careers of the Pilot and Mechanic that showed us around. The Squadrons also got an amazing surprise when they were allowed to get into the MRH-90 Taipan, which had initially not been part of the visit.

A big thank you to the parents for being so patient when both of the sessions ran over.

And another huge thank you to the 16th Aviation Regiment for allowing us to come and visit the Unit and giving us an overview of what you do, and a fantastic experience.

Qantas Engineering Academy

Do you have an interest in engineering? Qantas recently announced that its engineering academy will have training centres in both Brisbane and Melbourne. 

Apprentice engineer works on an aircraft engine  component

The Flying Kangaroo says the program, which aims to train up to 300 people each year from 2025, will be run in partnership with Aviation Australia. It also follows concerns that major airlines and the government haven’t been doing enough to address a developing lack of engineers, which has already seen Rex cut back services.

To learn more – check out the news on Australian Aviation.

2023 Women in Aviation Scholarships

This year, the Women in Aviation (WAI) Australian Chapter is offering its members the opportunity to apply for a range of scholarships with a combined value of over $45,000. Each scholarship may have slightly different criteria, for example, Instrument Flying, Safety, Helicopter theory, flight training and many more.

Applications close on 29th September 2023, so to learn more, visit their website here.

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