Q&A Webinar with Owen Zupp Online

Recently we were joined online by Mr Owen Zupp for an online Q&A Webinar for our cadets to hear his story of aviation, from 10 year old Junior Cadet at Parramatta Sqn to airlines, instructing, reviewing aircraft for magazines, charity flight, flying biplanes and much more!

The video for this session is now online, to watch it just click on the link below

Photography Competition Winners – Plastic Models

This fortnight the category for our online Photography Competition was Plastic Models and we had some great entries. It was again very difficult to pick the winners however in the end they were;

  • 8-15 years Cpl Lachlan Haack – Camden Squadron
  • 16+ years Warrant Officer Corey Loader – Ballarat Squadron

What age did you join Air League and what inspired you to join?

Lachlan: I was 9 years old and I saw the Australian Air League marching at Anzac Day. My mum contacted the Air League and almost 5 years later I am still loving it.

Corey: I joined the Australian Air League in 2018 when I was 17. A friend who is a pilot suggested might enjoy joining the Air League and I love to fly.

What is your favourite part of your Air League Squadron?

Lachlan: My favourite part of my Squadron would have to be the friendships and camaraderie between us. My best mates are all in the Air League and everyone in the Squadron gets along with one another.

Corey: I honestly love all parts of my squadron especially working on drill and making models as well as the members.

What is the fondest memory of your time in the Air League?

Lachlan: My favourite memory would the Air league Joy flight days that is done at Camden Airfield. One of my other fondest memories is the Flying camp in January, where I had my first flying lesson.       

Corey: Being out at night looking at a aeroplane under the lights with my Squadron.

Would you like to take up flying as a career?

Lachlan: In the future I will strive to obtain my pilots licence and would like to become a commercial pilot.  

Corey: Flying as a career at the moment is a challenge as I am autistic, but that doesn’t stop me flying with an instructor beside me. It’s a feeling l can’t describe; I’ve been flying for about 5 years.

How many pets do you have and what are their names?

Lachlan: I have two dogs, one named Luna and the other named Chewy.

Corey: Sadly, I recently lost my dog Genius. I have a miniature horse named Nossi but we call him Nosey as his into everything. I also have 3 pet sheep – Del, Rosie and Lamborghini.

Victoria Group Circulars

The following Group Circulars have been distributed for Victoria Group.


Victoria Group Education Circular 04/2020 458.21 KB 121 downloads

This Instruction contains key information regarding education competitions that…

Group Field Circular 02/2020 525.56 KB 112 downloads

This circular provides information to all members for the Victoria Group Review…

Victoria Group Operations Circular 05/2020 533.40 KB 137 downloads

Victoria Group Cadet of the Year 2020 …

Victoria Group Operations Circular 06/2020 530.14 KB 120 downloads

Branch AGM …

Photography Competition Winners – Transport

Recently we completed our second online Photography Competition, where members were invited to submit photos around the theme “Transport”. We had some amazing pictures from members of our Shutter Bugs Photography Group but in the end, there can only be one winner per category, and they were;

  • 8-15 years Cadet Jack Coulthard – Port Adelaide Squadron
  • 16+ years Trainee Officer Lachlan Hyde – Moorebank Squadron

What age did you join Air League and what inspired you to join?

Jack:   I joined the Australian Air League at the age of 11 and I was inspired to join the Air League as I am an aviation enthusiast and photographer and would like to go on to be a pilot.

Lachlan: I joined in April 2009, exactly one month after my 8th birthday. For my whole life I was always surrounded by aviation and the League with my grandfather being Mr Bell, and my dad being a cadet in his youth, so it was always an inevitable that I’d join but I’ve stuck around for over 10 years so far and don’t intend on leaving any time soon

What is your favourite part of your air league squadron?

Jack:   My favourite part of my Squadron would be the air league classes I do.

Lachlan: I enjoy all parts of squadron life but getting out and about in the community at events is without a doubt my favourite part, it’s just such a great feeling. Representing the League and speaking with people from all walks of life, and it’s incredible who you end up running into and the connections so many have with our organisation.

What is the fondest memory of your time in the Air League?

Jack:   My favourite memory was being able to speak to the Astronauts on the International Space Station this year.

Lachlan: In all honesty I’ve loved every minute of my time in the Australian Air League, from the people I’ve met and friendships made across the state and the country to the incredible experiences I’ve had. Marching behind the Governor of NSW as an 8 year old on ANZAC Day to running down the runway of Australia’s busiest airport, supporting our veterans at commemoration services and our seniors at gala concerts, to bringing joy to the young and young at heart during Christmas leading Santa through Liverpool. Traveling to faraway towns and villages where every man and his dog has come out to cheer you on, that’s what makes it incredible. Experiences money truly can’t buy, memories collected to look back on over a lifetime.

Would you like to take up flying as a career?

Jack:   I absolutely would love to become a commercial pilot

Lachlan: Not flying per se but I would definitely enjoy working in the aviation industry in some capacity     or another, perhaps in managerial positions for an airline. Who knows what the future has in store for me.

How many pets do you have and what are their names?

Jack:   I have one dog which lives at my mum’s house and is called Angel, she is a Beagle. My other dog which lives with my dad is called Coco and is a German Shepard.

Lachlan: I’ve got two dogs, Shadow is our 10yr old Malamute-Husky cross and Whiskey is our 1.5yr old Husky.

Don’t forget to check out our next photo competition here.

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